RecipesCheese Stuffed Naan Topped With Garlic and Butter

Cheese Stuffed Naan Topped With Garlic and Butter

Cheese stuffed naan topped with garlic and butter. Naan is an Indian bread that to me seems right between the thickness of pita bread and flour tortilla. Not as thick as pita but not as thin as tortilla.

Cheese Stuffed Naan Topped With Garlic and Butter

It is delicious and perfect for scooping up savory dishes of all sorts. This recipe is especially appealing because it is filled with mozzarella before it is rolled out then had minced garlic rolled into the top and butter brushed all over before it is browned till almost char in a cast iron skillet.

This recipe has a lot of liquid in it in the form of milk and yogurt and these make the naan super soft and chewy on the inside. Most folks only have naan when they have Indian cuisine but these with the cheese and garlic go really well with Italian dishes as a replacement for garlic bread.

They are really good with spaghetti and lasagna and even make a great bread to go with salad. This recipe comes from Curious Nut, she has some incredible recipes, mostly Southeast Asian & East Asian food so if you like that amazing flavor check out her other recipes. MmMmm good.


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