PetsChildren are Reading to Dogs in Rescue Shelters

Children are Reading to Dogs in Rescue Shelters

Children are reading to dogs in rescue shelters as a way to improve their skills as well as to lessen the anxiety of the adoptable dogs. This article was written specifically designed to bring attention to a new program that was started at an animal shelter. The program is called Shelter Buddies Reading Program and it was created to help the shy and newly arriving dogs to the shelter cope with stress of being in the shelter.

Children are Reading to Dogs in Rescue Shelters

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Tens of thousands of dogs are dumped off at shelters daily all across the country. This is a sad truth and unfortunately, very few shelters have the capacity to handle the volume of dogs they are often confronted with. It would seem that a percentage of these dogs that are dropped off are not always ready to be adopted right away or maybe too shy and are most likely overlooked by adopters. One shelter, which is identified in the article as the Humane Society of Missouri, came up with an idea and a program was developed to help these dogs.

The program is unique in that it was designed to help make the dogs more adoptable quicker and it gives the kids a sense that they can help a dog find its forever home.

Benefits of the Children are Reading to Dogs in Rescue Shelters Article

● Article helps to bring attention to a new program that helps dogs deal with stress

● Article talks specifically about how the program teaches kids how interact safely with the dogs

● Article includes several full color photos showing some kids reading to the shelter dogs

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