Convert a Cargo Trailer Into an Off Grid Home

Convert a Cargo Trailer Into an Off-grid Home

Go off grid with a cargo trailer, after you convert it to an off grid home. When it comes to getting away from it all and living off-grid you really don’t need to have a whole lot of space.

Convert a Cargo Trailer Into an Off-grid Home

If you have the time to prepare for the move, you might be surprised that if use a bit a creativity that you can turn even the smallest space into a cozy home. This article was designed to show the reader just how a tiny space the size of a cargo trailer can become an off-grid home. This article was created by The Tiny Life. The article is a series of pictures that describe how the person converted an old cargo trailer into an 80 sq ft tiny home that is perfect for off-grid living. The pictures help to depict the different parts of the living space and how they were able to cram it all into such a small area.

Benefits of reading Off-grid Living Tips: Discover how to convert a cargo trailer into an off-grid home

Learn some interesting ideas of how to turn such a tight space into a cozy home.
It describes the steps they took to convert a common cargo trailer into a useful living space.
The full-color pictures in the article provide all the necessary information.


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