RecipesCoq au Vin In Under An Hour

Coq au Vin In Under An Hour

Coq au vin in under an hour. This is a dish that originates in France and is made with chicken (the coq actually mean cock as in rooster and is what is used there, and takes hours because roosters are tough) here we use hens because that is what is available in stores. The dish made in the traditional way uses a whole rooster cut into pieces with the bone left in.

Coq au Vin In Under An Hour

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Then there are vegetables and herb and it is all cooked in wine. Once the Coq au vin is made it is usually served with egg noodles but you can use any pasta you wish or you can serve it with mashed potatoes. This recipe is from Half Baked Harvest and she serves it with brown butter sage mashed potatoes and it sounds delicious. Because she makes it with small chicken pieces or even chicken tenders the dish is finished in about 45 minutes. The chicken doesn’t need the hours and hours of tenderizing that the rooster needs. Actually it would end up very dry if you tried to cook it that long especially the chicken breast. This is a great dish for cold winter meals, If is hearty and filling now that it can be made in under an hour there is no reason to wait for a time when you have hours to make it.

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