RecipesCured Beef Marinated in Whiskey Sage Chili Recipe

Cured Beef Marinated in Whiskey Sage Chili Recipe

This Cured Beef Whisky Sage Chili Recipe is beyond delicious….. lip smacking, drool creating, great flavor are just some words to describe how flavorful it is.

Storing and preserving meat is an important part of being prepared in the event of a natural disaster as well as it being a very good way to save money and stretch your food bill. Curing meat is extremely important and it is a very necessary part of preparing meat for long term storage. This article introduces the reader to a very good process for curing the fresh cut of beef.


Piece of meat of your choice (beef, pork or duck)

Coarse salt

Sodium or potassium nitrate

Spices and stuff for marinating: (whiskey, sage, chili rub, salt, pepper, carrot and pine honey)

The author of this food skill project was looking to help others realize how easy it is for anyone to prepare a fresh cut of beef for long term storage by simply curing the meat. The process is actually relatively easy and the project includes a list of all of the needed stuff and a step by step preparation guide that covers everything from started to finish.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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