Natural RemediesDelicious Ginger Tea Recipe

Delicious Ginger Tea Recipe

Check out this recipe for ginger tea, It is such a simple recipe and yet ginger has such a great taste. This tea is very tasty cold or hot. It is a great tea for that reason because I love it cold in the warm months and hot in the cold months.  It is sweetened with honey so that is a bit better than sugary drinks.

Delicious Ginger Tea Recipe

The recipe for this ginger tea is from  Knuckle Salad and while I love ginger, especially ginger ale, this one is not carbonated but it is really tasty and according to the author it has some natural remedy benefits as well. Per the article. Here are some of the benefits of this tea.

 “Ordinary benefits of ginger

  • Digestion, nausea, gas, etc. That’s a classic, but did you know it also improves your appetite if you have some before a meal? I didn’t.

  • Congestion. Ginger is good for loosening phlegm and mucus from the lungs, which is nice when you’ve got a cold. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help reduce the swelling of your sinuses that aggravates your stuffy nose.

  • Arthritis. Give that joint an anti-inflammatory. Joints love anti-inflammatories.

  • Motion sickness. Studies suggest that while it’s not as effective as motion sickness medicine, it’s better for motion sickness than nothing at all. I think they say something similar about those silly magnet bracelets, though, so…grain of salt. Unless you dig those silly magnet bracelets. Maybe you’re right.”

  • So aside from the yummy taste this may help you out some if you suffer from those ailments. This sounds like a win win to me. If you decide to make a lage jug or gallon sized amount she even provides free printable labels like what is on hers so you can add a lable to yours.

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Paige Raymond
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