DIY ProjectsUltimate Car Camping Setup Building DIY Project

Ultimate Car Camping Setup Building DIY Project

This ultimate car camping setup building diy project will help you create slide-able drawers that are perfect for maximizing your storage space.

Ultimate Car Camping Setup Building DIY Project

Most of us love camping and have been involved in it when we are very little with family members. It is always fun and have a lot of memorable events that we don’t get to forget so easily for a very long time, but inventing a simple but efficient ultimate camping car that actually cater for everything you might need and their ease of accessibility during camping will make your camping experience more pleasurable.

I have devised a simple way of converting my car to a fantastic camping car after deciding on what I might need when car camping.

I started by building the base by cutting out a plywood that fitted well into the trunk of my car and bolting it. Then I screwed a wood in front and back of the plywood. This will help hold my fridge and storage drawer in place and prevent it from shaking or moving around. I proceeded to build the frame, the drawer and sink. The sink is easily built by cutting a hole equal in size to a bowl and fitting it on top of the drawer. I didn’t glue it so as to make it easy to be emptied when filled up with water. I equally created a space for stove. I then secure the cabinet by using latches as this will prevent it from moving around and also prevent it flipping.

Finally, I did some finishing touches as per my taste, which include using vinyl to cover the plywood for the countertops, inputting handles to the drawer, installing hooks for holding cooking utensils and drying rags and so on.

Parts and Materials List:

1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood or solid wood if you can afford it

Two 2.5 gallon water jugs – (Buy Here)

Plastic mixing bowl for the sink

Adhesive Vinyl (to cover the plywood for the countertop) – (Buy Here)

Heavy duty drawer slides – (Buy Here)

Like-It modular drawers (I got a tall medium drawer and a short medium drawer) – (Buy Here)

Iceless Cooler ( 120 volt adapter which is handy to power it) – (Buy Here)

Motion Activated LED light (super handy for at night) – (Buy Here)

Try this and let me know what you think. You can as well experiment with other ideas and come up with a modification design. Have yourself a wonderful car camping experience.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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