Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy, Herbal Formulas

Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy, Herbal Formulas. There are so many herbal remedies on this site. Tons of useful information for folks that would rather use more natural ways. This is from his web page.
“One of Dr. John R. Christopher’s goals was to have an Herbalist in every home, and a Master Herbalist in every community. Through HerbalLegacy, we hope to further the knowledge of Dr. Christopher by offering detailed information on his formulas, and natural healing programs.
We also detail other information that people might find useful, including various healing programs put together by Dr. Christopher.
The name HerbalLegacy was chosen because of the rich legacy passed on by Dr. Christopher. 

Dr. Christopher's Herbal Legacy, Herbal Formulas

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Please see the biography, An Herbal Legacy of Courage, written by his son David Christopher BA MH AHG, to find out more about his legacy. ” For anyone that would like a more permanant resource of his remedies you could purchace his book Herbal Home Health Care, which is full of helpful aids that are natural.

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Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Legacy, Herbal Formulas


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