GardeningEasiest Flowers to Grow For a Fabulous Flower Garden

Easiest Flowers to Grow For a Fabulous Flower Garden

So you want to have a flower garden, but you’ve never grown one before. Or maybe you’ve tried to grow a flower garden, but you weren’t successful and you’re ready to try again. Either way, you need to start with the easiest flowers to grow. Yet, you still want your garden to look fabulous. Luckily, reputable flower seed sellers like Eden Brothers have dozens of easy-to-grow flowers like these listed here to make your garden the talk of the town.


These vibrantly-colored flowers are a perfect choice for beginning flower gardeners because they are extremely hardy and will grow in a wide range of soil conditions. Whether you live in a dry climate or a more humid one, marigolds will thrive. You don’t even have to use fertilizer to get these beautiful puff-ball-life flowers to grow. They actually prefer poor soil as long as you water them enough. Marigolds like full sun, but some varieties, like the snowdrift marigold will grow well in partial shade.


This brightly colored perennial is a favorite of gardeners who live in dry climates. It’s considered a succulent, so it doesn’t require as much water as other flowers do. They also thrive in full sun, making them an excellent choice for environments that see many consecutive days of sunshine. You do still need to water them and you’ll want to make sure there is a good drainage system around your sedum plants, but as long as those conditions are met, these red, pink, and yellow flowers that bloom in a variety of shapes will add texture and dimension to your garden.


With more than 70 varieties of sunflowers available, you could potentially create a flower garden composed entirely of sunflowers. These fast-growing flowers will also give you quicker gratification than other flower varieties that tend to take forever to grow. Your soil doesn’t have to be perfect to grow sunflowers, either, as they grow well in all types of soil environments. Native to North America, sunflowers prefer lots of sunshine and because there are varieties that grow as tall as 14 feet in height, you can create a dimensional garden with these beauties in the back, towering over your smaller plants.


If you’re looking for a flower that grows well in shady conditions, look no further than the begonia. These colorful flowers that range from rose to gold to orange are ideal flowers for beginners because they aren’t picky about their soil or their light. They do prefer humid environments, but daily misting can help increase the humidity in the air around them, especially if they are being grown indoors or in pots that are kept in the shade. Gardeners like these flowers because they come in a range of sizes as well as colors, so you can choose many begonias and still have variety in your garden.


Another flower that can be found in a variety of sizes and colors, snapdragons have a long flowering period that lasts from June through October. This makes them extremely popular for gardeners who want a lot of color in their garden for the entire summer. Be sure not to plant them until the last frost of the season has passed, and make sure they have enough water all season long. These flowers do tend to attract bees and wildlife, but knowing that ahead of time will allow you to prepare for these factors.

Moss Rose

This petite, low-maintenance flower is ideal for ground cover as it grows well in full sun and does not require perfect soil conditions. In fact, they tend to prefer poor soil, including sandy, loose soil. The flowers are tough and can withstand drought and high-heat conditions, but of course, they do need water occasionally to survive. Just be sure your soil drains well, as they will not grow well in standing water. The plants can grow up to eight inches in height, but the flower itself is fairly small and rose-like in shape.

Shasta Daisies

For flower gardens in deer territory, shasta daisies are a must. These white and yellow flowers are deer resistant, which means that deer will mostly not bother them because they do not care for the flavor, texture, or smell of the shasta daisies. Fortunately, they’re also easy to grow, as they just require moist, well-draining soil and regular watering. They are considered low-maintenance and are often used to fill in bare spots or add fullness to a garden. These perennials tend to grow more blooms with each consecutive year, making them excellent starting points for gardening every spring.


No matter your gardening skill level, there are plenty of easy-to-grow flowers that can result in a gorgeous flower garden. Being intentional about the flowers you choose so that you only select low-maintenance varieties that thrive in your climate will produce a colorful flower garden that you’ll enjoy day after day.

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