FlowersHow Native Fern Plants Benefit the Environment

How Native Fern Plants Benefit the Environment

Native ferns are plants that produce fresh oxygen, which is vital for a clean environment, removing harmful toxins and also bio-indicators.

Native plants are so easy to maintain! They not only clean the environment, are low-maintenance plants, return every spring, are perfect for shade, and no fertilizer is needed, and are excellent for usage in shade gardens with ample moisture. They also are very resilient and disease resistant, making them very popular with amateur gardeners.

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Ferns are beneficial because they are one of the few plants that can cope with shade and moisture. These qualities make Fern Benefits in Nature the perfect choice for creating native plant forests, use as a shade border plant, or just growing indoors.

They’re not only beautiful, but they’re also actually unique. They naturally remove arsenic and formaldehyde from the soil. Plus, they endure shade, moisture, and a wide range of temperatures.

Native ferns are an exotic type of plant and have many significant uses in the environment. They are used in restoration, streambank, woody, and wetland projects across America. One reason is that they can remove toxins from the land and air.

Two potentially fatal and toxic poisons in the soil and air are arsenic and formaldehyde. Ferns are one of the best plants for removing these poisons as they are bio indicators and remove these poisons. The toxins are absorbed in the fronds of native ferns to successfully clean the environment, unlike any other plant on the planet.

Want to fight smog & get the freshest air imaginable? “Ferns are living air filters. These highly efficient plants are on track to removing tons of pollution from the air every year”, states Dennis Sons of TN Nursery. A leading native fern nursery grower.

5 Best Native Ferns to Use in Landscaping

Christmas Ferns

It’s all in the name: Christmas Ferns. There’s nothing more festive than this native evergreen from Eastern North America. It has emerald green and subtle fronds that are evergreen.

These ferns will brighten any home with their fresh light and emerald hue. They thrive in the shade and need very little water, so they’re perfect for anyone looking for an exotic touch to their living space. They’re an excellent choice for gardeners looking to make the most of their space, as they can thrive in little light and small spaces.

Hay Scented Ferns

Give your space a natural and inviting look with the help of Hay-Scented Ferns. These easy-to-grow ferns are beautifully arranged in a set of three. Their lacy green fronds will wave fronds upright plants that thrive in the shade or part of the day and even sun if the soil is moist. They will grow from 18-24″ tall and spread quickly to fill up any space with added beauty.

Hay-Scented Ferns are perfect for small spaces. They offer lush and beautiful foliage that’s perfect for your garden. They’re easy to maintain, too. This plant will grow anywhere from 18-24 inches tall, making it perfect for those with limited space and those who live in a sunnier climate.

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Hay-scented Ferns are a beautiful and fragrant way to cover an area of your yard or garden. They’re perfect for places that might not get enough sunlight, as they grow in both sun and shade. Hay-Scented Fern is easy to grow and care for, unlike other ferns, meaning you’ll have a lush green barrier.

New York Ferns

Known to have a high tolerance for air pollution, the New York Fern is a beautiful fern species found in all regions of North Carolina. This wild fern’s hardy roots make it perfect for woodland areas, and its nectar is excellent for attracting butterflies!

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New York Ferns is a perennial species found throughout the eastern United States and in parts of Canada. The New York Fern stems grow at maturity to as much as 1-2 ft long. Not only is it an attractive plant, but it also has many medicinal benefits ~ including relief from fever and pain.

Bracken Ferns

Bracken ferns (Pteridium aquilinum) are common in North America and native to many areas of the United States. They grow in wetlands, clearings, and other shady areas. Known as one of the most prevalent ferns on the continent, bracken fern information says the large fern is common for people to find growing in their backyards. These plants grow extremely deep in the soil and are one of the rarer ferns of all natives.

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Bracken ferns are more commonly found in an area’s hardwood forests. They are among the first plants to grow, often establishing before other ferns. They can be found in both high and low elevations.

The plant propagates through spores, which are released in masses when the plant has reached maturity. The spores can be spread by wind or running water.

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