FlowersHow to save on flowers

How to save on flowers

If you’re preparing for a wedding, anniversary, or any other function where you need flowers, then the most important thing you need is to know where to get the best arrangement at the lowest price. Saving on flowers doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. You only need to have the right things in place and work with the right company. 

If you’re choosing your bouquet, then this article comes in handy

Reuse blooms

You see, your ceremony happens at several places or locations. Take, for instance, a wedding happening in the garden or church/ any other venue. Then there’s the reception where the real celebration happens, where you receive the guests, and the rest of the program happens. If that’s the case with you, your guests won’t see the reception first, and therefore you can get the flowers and use them at the wedding venue. Then someone will be on stand-by immediately you step out after exchanging vows. So, same bouquets, different venues. That means you don’t need to get flowers for every venue; it’ll be a waste of resources. 

Focus on areas of high concentration

During the function, there are those locations where the camera remains focused for the longest time. In a traditional wedding set up, for instance, it’s at the front of the hall. That’s where the guests of the day and the host (you) are seated. That’s the area that makes great impact even for the attendees. Think of other things you can do in the seemingly blank spaces. There are endless ways you can cover up the empty areas creatively- you can even use lighting. Then concentrate on areas that will be photographed much. 

Go for small arrangements.

When it comes to bouquets, you can have them arranged in whatever sizes you need. You have gone to places and seen huge arrangements. But you don’t need those big arrangements to make the intended impact. Experienced florists know how even to use small flower collections and still make the intended impact. You can also go for the bud vases; they work ‘wonders’ when it comes to minimizing the amount of flowers you need. 

Mix up

Whatever the arrangement, you have to think of how you’ll add depth to the room. That’s where it becomes so essential to work with a local florist because you can walk with them to the venue and allow them to suggest the centerpieces that will add warmth. You could also do a perfect mix with candles -compare the cost of getting the candles yourself or asking for some from the florist. 

Don’t be tied to a single bloom.

You could be obsessed with Peonies, and yes, they are great, but the suckers are pretty expensive. 

Very few people can afford such, and after all, why spend so much on something when you have an alternative that has the same impact? 

When choosing flowers for your big day- could be your day or for that special one, it’s good you balance between cost and the impact of your choice from a local Flower Delivery. You don’t have to overspend on an expensive arrangement when you’ve got a less costly option. Be careful and ask the experts on what bouquet you can go for and save some money.

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Heather Jones
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