Medical & HealthElectric Shock Drowning While Swimming Explained

Electric Shock Drowning While Swimming Explained

The scary event of electric shock drowning while swimming is explained as low level AC current forcibly passed through a swimmer enough to cause muscular paralysis, rendering the victim unable to help themselves while under water resulting in drowning.

Electric Shock Drowning While Swimming Explained

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Almost everyone knows that water and electric does not mix and can lead to a fatal situation called Electric Shock Drowning. This situation occurs when a person who enters the water in the area around a boat or even a dock at the same time that AC current is introduced into the water. Unfortunately, ESD is almost always fatal, even if the person is resuscitated immediately after coming in contact.

This article shares this information in hopes to educate boaters and dock owners about the real dangers of Electric Shock Drowning and it’s known causes. The primary cause is when a boat or dock leaks a tiny amount of AC current into the surrounding water. According the author this can almost always be prevented and is up to the boat owners and dock owners near the water.

Benefits of reading the Electric Shock Drowning While Swimming Explained Article

● The information contained in the article is invaluable to all boaters and dock owners

● It explains in great detail what Electric Shock Drowning and how it likely happens

● It also explains how all boat and dock owners can check everything out and see if there are any current leaks present

Sharing this information with family and friends could save a life…. please do. Until very recently, there has been very little public awareness about the danger of Electric Shock Drowning. As a result, Electric Shock Drowning continues to kill and new families are devastated on a yearly basis with very little public awareness.

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