DIY ProjectsExtension Cord Folding Organizer for Your Garage

Extension Cord Folding Organizer for Your Garage

This detailed step by step tutorial of how to build a extension cord folding organizer for your garage is an amazing wood working project – better than you can even buy! Long extension cords are a tool used often on a homestead to help power lights, power tools and generators. Wrapping them up and keeping them organized for ready use the next time without being tangled takes forethought and a plan.

Extension Cord Folding Organizer for Your Garage
Extension Cord Folding Organizer for Your Garage

There is nothing worst than untangling a 200 foot extension cord delaying the start of your project. The saying “Work smarter, not harder” really brings home this do it yourself wood working project and just how it can hold 3 extension cords and store it vertically up out of the way.

The extension cord is a necessity these days and even more so for those who use power tools. This is mainly because most power tools have extremely short cords and in order to be able to plug them into an outlet you will need some sort of extension cord. They come in a number of lengths and you should use one that is of an adequate length. This is because it is highly discouraged that you plug two cords together in order to reach your work area. If you are like many people that have multiple cords then you know who much of a job it is to keep them organized. That could be a thing of the past with this handy wall mounted Folding Extension Cord Organizer.

This unique Do It Yourself project is fairly easy to make by following the step by step plan included inside. It is presented in a way that is very easy to understand and all of the needed materials can be acquired at most any local hardware or supply store.

Benefits of following the Folding Extension Cord Organizer DIY Project

● Use it to help organize all of the extension cords you have laying around the shop or garage

● It lists all of the necessary materials, supplies and tools you will need

● Has several full color photos that will help you visualize some of the steps

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