Natural RemediesFeel Better Anti Nausea Mint Ginger Lollipops Recipe

Feel Better Anti Nausea Mint Ginger Lollipops Recipe

These feel better anti nausea mint ginger lollipops recipe is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for anyone who’s just found out she’s expecting, but they’re also a great way to cheer up a sick child.

Of course, if you suffer from motion sickness, carry a few of these (carefully wrapped) in your purse or backpack so you’ll have one handy whenever you travel.

Feel Better Anti Nausea Mint Ginger Lollipops Recipe

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Whether it’s due to morning sickness, motion sickness, or a stomach bug, everyone feels nauseated sometimes. Ginger has long been a natural cure for upset stomach and nausea, so we’ve uncovered a recipe for the best anti-nausea mint and ginger lollipops ever concocted. This recipe makes 6 lollipops (usually one tray).

You will need:

apple cider vinegar

mint leaves


powdered ginger

lollipop mold

lollipop sticks

candy thermometer


1. Crush or chop the mint leaves, then blend them with the apple cider vinegar.

2. Add the mixture to a saucepan and turn the heat on low. Stir in honey and ginger.

3. Heat slowly to boiling, stirring continuously.

4. When the mixture reaches 300 degrees, carefully pour it into your lollipop molds and add the sticks.

5. As soon as the pops have fully hardened, they’re ready to eat.

6. Wrap in wax paper or store in a glass jar, out of direct sunlight.

If you want to get creative with packaging (especially for gift-giving), cover the wax paper wrapper with a mini sized, colored paper bag. You can add a custom sticker or just write the recipient’s name on it. However you dress them up on the outside, it’s the nausea relief on the inside that matters.

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