CrochetFree Crochet Pattern of an Snoodie Hoodie

Free Crochet Pattern of an Snoodie Hoodie

This is an amazing tutorial on how to make a snoodie cowl/hoodie. And while it’s a great product and fairly easy to make, that’s not where the amazingness comes from. The author of this guide created the tutorial as part of her effort to raise awareness of breast cancer. Her goal is that whoever decides to use this guide to make themselves a cowl will make an extra one and pass it on to someone who is currently suffering from breast cancer.

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Free Crochet Pattern of an Snoodie Hoodie

And this gorgeous cowl isn’t just about Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s actually very stylish and perfect for the colder months. It has a gorgeous hood on it, but the cowl keeps your neck warm, too. And, it looks great with the hood up or down, so you’ll be able to have a bit of variety.

All you’ll need for this project is:

– 450 Yards Worsted Weight Yarn
– I Hook
– Yarn Needle

Hopefully, you won’t only try to make this cowl, but you’ll also make an extra to share with someone who is going through the horrors of breast cancer. I just love the colors she used in this one.

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