CrochetCrochet Mandala Spare Tire Cover Craft Project

Crochet Mandala Spare Tire Cover Craft Project

How to crochet a mandala spare tire cover craft project is a bold creative way to share with the world your love of crochet. If you do not want to use yarn, colored paracord can be used because it will stand up to harsh weather conditions better.

Crochet Mandala Spare Tire Cover Craft Project

Although it is much easier to make now, at the first attempt, getting to grips with the hook and the yarn was challenging. Being my first time, I was admittedly clumsy, but over time, I got the hang of it. Crochet making turned out to be more fun than I thought and I decided to join a crochet club in my area.

It can be confusing and daunting when starting out – the choice of yarn, hooks, patterns, and stitches. Still, the basics remain the same as the supplies needed to start are:

• A crochet hook

• Yarn or colored paracord

• Scissors

Once these have been obtained, your journey into the crocheting world has begun, and the only way is upwards. To gain confidence, continuous practice is critical, and you’ll be making patterns in no time. With crochet, you get the chance to be creative as you work with your hands to bring to actualisation the image in your mind. Now, that is where the skills get to be showcased and on lovely patterns – your creation comes to life.

To be able to make the starflower mandala truly takes skill, dedication, and attention to detail in its execution. Once done, you’ll be amazed at your handiwork, true art, made by you. You will be glad the hours you put into it paid off. As such, waiting for another second to show it off would feel like an eternity.

What started as trying to find a pastime and not remain idle during the winter holidays, start with making a starflower mandala as gifts for friends and family.

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Melissa Francis
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