CanningFrench Apple Small Batch Refrigerator Jam

French Apple Small Batch Refrigerator Jam

With autumn being just around the corner, you know there will soon be a surplus of apples. And, if you’ve ever wondered about any new recipes to try in order to use up all your apples, then this will definitely help you out. This is a tutorial for the most amazing French apple jam. It mixes the tart flavors of fresh apples with the delicate flavor of cardamom.

French Apple Small Batch Refrigerator Jam

A great advantage of this recipe is that you can decide how chunky you want to make the apples. If you want it to be more a jelly, you can whizz them up more. However, if you like to bit into a few chunks of apple while you eat, you can do that, too.

While this jam is delicious enough on its own, the best part is that this jam is extremely easy to make. The writer goes through and explains that the French has learned to simplify the art of making jam. While in the United States, it takes a lot of boiling and several different pots and other equipment, in this recipe very little is required.

All you’ll need to make this delicious jam is:

– Apples
– Sugar
– Cardamom Pods
– Lemons
– Pectin Powder

That’s it! While this is for a small batch of jam, it can be increased to make more. It only makes two pints. Unfortunately, with this French method of cooking jam, it does need to be eaten rather quickly, usually within the month. However, it’s really so delicious, you won’t have a problem eating it that quickly, anyways!

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