DIY ProjectsFrozen Treat Block To Keep Pets Cool 2 Recipes

Frozen Treat Block To Keep Pets Cool 2 Recipes



Small bucket or metal bowl

Favorite toys



Chicken/beef broth

1/2 teaspoon of honey ( do not give them large amounts but they can have it )

Water – 1 gallon (or less if using chicken or beef broth )

Small handful of dog treats

Mix broth, water and honey.

Pour liquid mixture into bucket or metal bowl.

Add favorite toys and handful of treats into the liquid.

Does your dog have a rope toy ? Leave the rope partial out of the liquid when freezing so your pet can drag this frozen toy around the yard.

Have two dogs ? Instant game of keep away to keep them busy.

Here is another chilly treat for pooches


Chicken Carrot Chilly Bones

Click here to read recipe:


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