Frugal Homemade Dry Cream of Soup Base

This frugal homemade dry cream of soup base recipe is another great way to save money, stock your food pantry and control the amount of chemicals and preservatives you feed your family. Every time you learn how to make a food pantry item from scratch it is another step towards self sufficiency.

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Why buy canned cream of ________ (fill in the blank) soups when you can make your own by using this dry cream of soup base and sauteed diced vegetables and small chucks of cooked meat. I promise you, it will taste amazing compared to store bought soup that has sat on a shelf for months. It is nice to be able to make soem cream of chicken soup and what is in it. Or when you are making a dish and it calls for cream of celery. Instead of having to run to the store if you have this base on hand you can make your cream of celery soup and get on with the dish you were trying to make.


Click here to read how to make Frugal Homemade Dry Cream of Soup Base:


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