CraftsGlow Stick Mason Jar Lantern Craft Project

Glow Stick Mason Jar Lantern Craft Project

This glow stick mason jar lantern craft project is a fun glow in the dark lava lamp that also acts as a nightlight.

Children of all ages will absolutely love to have this shine in their bedrooms at night when getting into bed. All people have to do is fill a jar with water, cut a glow stick open, and pour the gooey content in.

Glow Stick Mason Jar Lantern Craft Project

Get the full glow sticks and not glow stick bracelets as it will save time and mess when opening and dumping. First, break the glow stick with shears to make it glow (as it’s supposed to), and then pour out slowly. Mix it around in the water and that’s it. A note for parents: do this yourselves and not children because of the glass and goo to it.


Glass mason jar or clear empty plastic peanut container

Glow sticks



Besides the bedroom, these glow stick lanterns can be used along the driveway or walkway on Halloween, giving it a spooky feel.In fact, people get glow sticks at Halloween parties, so there’s a way to get them for free. Get quart sized jar and two full- sized sticks; it should last an entire night. It is a trial and error with each jar and glow stick, so do one before making a lot more for any party, camping or as a nightlight for kids’ bedroom.

Once you are done cutting the glow stick open and emptying it into the mason jar…. drop it into a empty plastic water bottle then throw away.

Glow sticks are not just to wear or wave around. It has its own special use for other creative ideas that is more colorful and shiny than a lava lamp. This is a fun arts and crafts (it counts as one) project to make for kids. Try it out!


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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