CanningGreen Enchilada Sauce Canning Food Storage Recipe

Green Enchilada Sauce Canning Food Storage Recipe

This green enchilada sauce canning food storage recipe is a frugal delicious condiment that is wonderful over tacos, scrambled eggs, tamale pie and enchiladas.

If your family loves enchiladas, especially the green ones as much as my family does then you might like this idea of using  green tomatoes to make  and can your own green enchilada sauce.

Can Your Own Green Enchilada Sauce Recipe- Canning - Food Storage

When ever I have made it I always used tomatillos which look like little green tomatoes with a husk on. I never thought of just using the green tomatoes growing in the garden but they do taste similar so this would work. What a great way to use up the green tomatoes at the end of gardening season that we are all let with when the first frost looms. Livin Lovin Farmin has created the recipe and it sounds delicious.

Lots of green tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and various spices and you end up with jars of green enchilada sauce. Red enchiladas are good but green is the best. The same thing with tamales, red ones are good but green ones are better.    Enchilada sauce is great for making enchiladas but you can use it lots of other ways as well. One of our favorite is to put pork or chicken in the slow cooker with the sauce and cook for 8 hours on low. then shred the meat and make delicious pulled pork or chicken sandwiches. The sauce give the meat such flavor, everyone loves it. It also makes a really good base for chicken soup.


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