CanningCanning American Style Piccalilli

Canning American Style Piccalilli

Piccalilli is basically the English interpretation of the South Asian pickles, which is a relish of pickled spices and vegetables. Also, the regional recipes differ considerably.

In Northeastern United States, the commercial piccalillis are actually made with a base of green tomatoes or sweet peppers. This is somewhat the same with sweet pepper relish with piccalilli being distinguished by having a green or red color and like the British piccalilli, chunks are bigger and it’s a bit sweeter. It is also a known topping on foods like hotdogs and hamburgers.

In Midwestern US, the commercial piccalillis are actually based on gherkins that are finely chopped. These are frequently used as condiment for the Chicago style hotdogs and sometimes referred to as neon relish. In Southern US, piccalilli isn’t served often.

This relish can include green beans, cabbage, bell peppers, onions, and some vegetables. While not similar to some piccalillis, chow-chow is the term for piccalilli.
If you like to make an American-style piccalilli, let Healthy Canning do the job for you.

This delicious relish is perfect for any plain food. This recipe is different from English-style piccalilli. It is easily tripled or double without causing extra work, particularly given that food process will do most heavy lifting for you.

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