Raising LivestockChicken Coop Frugal Plastic Nesting Box for Chickens

Chicken Coop Frugal Plastic Nesting Box for Chickens

This chicken coop frugal plastic nesting box for chickens option is option for homesteaders that think outside of the box. Being able to look at an item and think “how can I use that in a different way” should be considered a superhero skill, lol.

Chicken Coop Frugal Plastic Nesting Box for Chickens

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These plastic stack-able organizing bins generally used inside a person’s home (bedroom, closet, bathroom, food pantry) are generally quite inexpensive. They snap together quite easily for permanent attachment.

Using these plastic bins vertically, it gives each chicken her own space to retreat and nest. Add a bedding material which can be easily removed and sprayed clean outside of the chicken coop with a garden hose.

Actually livestock feed stores sell plastic nesting boxes but at a higher price that generally are mounted flush against the wall. Finding a thrifty option that saves money is a blessing.

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