DIY ProjectsHome Built Hand Operated Wood Splitter

Home Built Hand Operated Wood Splitter

For anyone that does metal work and wood splitting you may like to build this home-built hand-operated wood splitter. Even if you don’t split wood if you are into the metal work I am sure you could build and sell these wood splitters.

Home Built Hand Operated Wood Splitter

It looks like the wood is super easy to split with this and since it is hand-operated there would be no fuel expense or motor repairs to make. Horváth Miklós shares a video showing how it is put together and demonstrates how it works. There is also a picasa page full of images showing all the different parts and how to put them together.

I am sure anyone that works with metal could handle this project and for the rest of us, well hopefully we know someone who works with metal and can buy one from them or pay them to make one for us. I think it would be worth it because that has to be easier than swinging an axe all day for many days to split wood enough for winter. I will add the link to the picasa page below the video for those that would like to see all of the images of the parts.

For all of the images click here>>>>>


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