RecipesHomemade Butter Homesteading Kitchen Recipe

Homemade Butter Homesteading Kitchen Recipe

This Homemade Butter Homesteading Kitchen Recipe is simple to make and super delicious.

Homemade Butter Homesteading Kitchen Recipe - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading - Frugal

Nothing can beat the taste of homemade butter! Butter can be made at home easily by following directions. All you need is to grab some whipping cream and a clean jar for storing the butter.

It is such an easy recipe that it can be made by our kids with a little assistance provided by an adult. The steps involved in making butter at home are fascinating for the individuals of all the ages.

The taste of homemade butter is simply awesome. It can be consumes by slathering it on muffin or bread. I must say that you won’t be able to beat the taste of butter made by yourelf. This could not be simplified even more. In classrooms, making of this butter is included in their science activities with having a glass jar and a full milk carton.

Ingredients and Tools Needed:

glass jar with a lid

heavy cream (35% whipping cream)

2 or 3 glass marbles (OPTIONAL)

You will be requiring elbow grease apart from the jar and cream as making of butter needs continuous shaking that requires much of the muscle support. However, it is not that difficult. However, the use of marbles in making this butter is totally optional. It is said that use of marbles speeds up the entire procedure. Another important thing is the selection of glass jar for storing butter that needs to be of a thick material having tempered glass like in that of Mason jar.

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