BeveragesHomemade Cherry Liqueur Recipe

Homemade Cherry Liqueur Recipe

If you have your own Cherry tree or access to a lot of cherries (They can be sweet or sour cherries) then you can make this homemade cherry liqueur. I absolutely love the color of the finished liqueur and the taste I am sure is fantastic. Unfortunately I don’t have a cherry tree sweet or sour and unless there is a fantastic  crop of cherries can almost afford buying some to eat when they are in season.

Homemade Cherry Liqueur Recipe

I would love to have a tree and be able to make this liqueur. The recipe is shared by Roxy’s Kitchen and is an old family recipe. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERPLEASE REMOVE ALL PITS FROM THE CHERRIES. If you decide to make this liqueur please remove the cherry pits from your fruit first and do not add crushed pits. Cherry pits contain cyanide and can be toxic.  She makes it with sour cherries but tells us you can make liqueur with almost any fruit which it nice because that means I can make some kind even if not the cherry. This would be a nice gift at Christmas and there is plenty of time to make it and let it age a bit before then. Roxy tells us that you only need four ingredients to make this liqueur,  sugar, fruit, water and alcohol. The cherry would be nice to serve at Christmas because, well look at that gorgeous red color.

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Paige Raymond
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