RecipesHomemade Clarified Butter Keeps a Very Long Time

Homemade Clarified Butter Keeps a Very Long Time

Make homemade clarified butter and you won’t need to worry about your butter spoiling.

Homemade Clarified Butter Keeps a Very Long Time

The clarified butter is great to fry eggs and such in as the milk solids are gone so the rich butter taste is there but at a higher smoke point. It is really good to use when making popcorn because the butter flavor is popped right into the popcorn.

Butter is a very popular and useful ingredient in cooking and baking. The dairy product is made by churning milk and the by-product of the churning process is a solid mass that is usually pressed into rectangular shaped blocks.

It is then spread on a number of different food items such as bread and added as an ingredient in numerous different recipes. This article was designed to refine the butter a little bit further and remove something that would be beneficial for some people.

The instructions to make your own homemade clarified butter are from, Vikalinka. The author was looking to share some very interesting information about ordinary butter and how there is a way for it to be refined and make it even more beneficial for people who have allergies to dairy products. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and follow. If you don’t have fresh butter or would prefer not to make your own you can buy Ghee and it is basically the same. Doesn’t need refrigerating and tastes so good.

Benefits of reading Homemade Recipe: Homemade Clarified Butter Keeps a Very Long Time

Discover that clarifying butter removes the dairy from the butter which makes it safe for people with dairy-type allergies.
The article includes a list of things that will be needed to be had on hand in order to make clarified butter.

The article also goes into detail about how the method of clarifying butter is carried out.
There are several full-color pictures that help to provide a good visual reference.

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Paige Raymond
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