Natural RemediesHomemade First Aid Burn Antiseptic Healing Cream

Homemade First Aid Burn Antiseptic Healing Cream

This homemade first aid burn antiseptic healing cream recipe takes the very best natural ingredients and gently combines them into a soothing healing cream. Burns can leave a lasting scar or mark on the skin and so it is very important to treat them as quickly as possible. For minor burns you can make your own antiseptic cream which will help reduce any scaring and treat the affected area immediately.
 Homemade First Aid Burn Antiseptic Healing Cream

Most of the burn creams that are available in the market take a long time to heal the skin and are absolutely no good for the pain. Also the chemicals used in these creams often make the skin more irritated and dry and so it seems more reasonable to come up with a home remedy.

Not only will this cream help heal the skin and ease the pain but it is completely organic and makes the hands very soft and acts as a great moisturizer. All the ingredients are easily available and you shouldn’t have any problem in finding them below.

Ingredients needed for this homemade first aid burn antiseptic healing cream recipe:

* Beeswax

* Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil – (Buy Here)

* Vitamin E Oil – (Buy Here)

* Tea Tree Essential Oil – (Buy Here)

* Lavender Essential Oil – (Buy Here)

* Eucalyptus Essential Oil – (Buy Here)

* Lemon Essential Oil – (Buy Here)

The recipe that is mentioned below has been done so after some research and the cream is suitable for all skin types. Even if you are not burned, you can use this cream as it helps with the complexion and the texture of the skin. You can also give it out as a gift to friends and family or even start up a small business in your neighborhood! It doesn’t take very long to make and as an added bonus once you’re done your house will smell just fabulous!

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