DessertsHomemade Old Fashioned Lemon Loaf

Homemade Old Fashioned Lemon Loaf

Homemade old fashioned lemon loaf is an easy to make loaf of quick bread that is perfect for anyone that loves lemon as much as I do. This is an easy quick bread but it has the twist of a drizzle of lemon syrup poured over it while it is still hot so that all that lovely syrup get absorbed into the loaf.

Homemade Old Fashioned Lemon Loaf

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This recipe is shared by Pia Recipes and the bread is so good you should go ahead and double the recipe because you are going to want to have more than one loaf. The first one is gone in minutes if any lemon lovers are around. At my house we like loaves of quick bread. We eat them for snacks and sometimes for breakfast. There are tons of variety so you can have a different quick bread every day for weeks before you need to repeat any recipe.

If you would like to bake quick breads for your family, especially now during winter which is the perfect time since the oven only makes it cozier rather than overly hot and we are always looking for extra carbs in the winter. I don’t know why that is but assume it is genetic and goes back to foraging to survive and winter being pretty hungry I guess they tried to pack on pounds to get them through. If you would like to bake more quick breads check out Quick Bread Recipe Round Up 100 Plus Recipes.


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