KnittingHomemade Ravelry Gala Shawl Knitting Project

Homemade Ravelry Gala Shawl Knitting Project

This Homemade Ravelry Gala Shawl Knitting Project is really a work of art and is worth the time and effort to create.

Homemade Ravelry Gala Shawl Knitting Project

Over the years, knitting has evolved. Gone are the days, when knitting was done with just wool and other heavy material. Lace is now a popular opinion, and it has been accepted around the world giving knitted clothing and accessories a more sophisticated look.

It will not come as a shock at the different techniques, if you are a master of shawl crafting and knitting. However, new tricks are added to the book every day.

Who said shawls are just for winter? It might be true, but there is something you need to know. Shawls have gained recognition around the world, and there are different types you can wear for several occasions. There are shawls to wear over your bikini for spring break, one for a stroll in summer, the infamous winter shawl, and so on.


The Gala shawl is one of these unique shawls that can be worn as an accessory for an evening or formal gown. The gala shawl can be made into the various size, and it composes of a 3-leaf motive and a small mesh section dividing the leaves. It is triangular, and it could either be in laceweight or light fingering weight giving you an elegant look.

Category – Neck / Torso → Shawl / Wrap

Yarn weight – Lace ?

Needle size – US 2 – 2.75 mm

Yardage – 750 – 800 yards (686 – 732 m)

You can make one of these by following the pattern below. Always remember, this form of knitting requires patience, and it always appears beautiful.

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