Canning Dixie Relish Regular and Salt and Sugar Free Versions


In the United States vocabulary, relish is a word that refers to a type of condiment that normally contains salt, sugar, and vinegar. According to Gourmet Sleuth, this condiment may also contain some chopped vegetables or fruits like pickle relish.

On the other hand, relish in British refers to a type of thick sauce or pickle that includes vinegar.
Relishes perhaps came to existence because of the need to preserve home garden veggies for use during winter months when fresh produce might not be available.

Relish is technically a highly flavored condiment. Even the though the distinction is a bit slim, a condiment is often consumed in smaller quantities like mustard on hot dog. On the other hand, relish can be consumed by the mouthful together with a primary food like chutney with meat. Obviously, not anyone will eat one mouthful of mustard.

There are different types of relishes you can find. One of these is piccalilli. Notable as sour pickle relish, piccalilli is often made with sour pickles as well as vegetables like green peppers, cabbage, onions, celery, green tomatoes, seasonings, vinegar, and sugar.

Chow-chow refers to the combination of pickled mixed vegetables added with mustard. It has Chinese origins and this relish was the mixture of ginger and orange peel combined with some other ingredients added with syrup.

Pickle relish is often made with bell peppers, sweet pickles, and onions but it is also found in dill versions sometimes. This is possibly the most widely found commercial type of relish in the United States.  Healthy Canning has this special Dixie Relish you won’t surely be able to resist.