Raising LivestockGoat Kid Warmer DIY

Goat Kid Warmer DIY

If you have need of a  goat kid warmer, this idea of a diy kid warmer is pretty neat. It is done with a half barrel and a poultry lamp. Check out the picture. Don’t those little kids look all snuggly and cozy warm. There are not many imstructions because this was just a comment on Nigerian Dwarf Goats but the commenter explains how they made it. When you get to the page it is all the way at the bottom of the comments. Anyone that has goats that kid in the winter would probably like to have these to leep them warm.

Goat Kid Warmer DIY
Even though she has a poultry lamp in it she says someone told her the half barrel would probably work without the lamp because it would hold the kids body heat, so I guess you could decide it the lamp were needed in your situation or not. I love the idea of the babies having a little heated room in the winter months.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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