CraftsHow to Bleach and Stencil a Denim Jacket Project

How to Bleach and Stencil a Denim Jacket Project

This is method of how to bleach and stencil a denim jacket project is a great way to upgrade an old thrift store blue jean denim jacket. You can use this tutorial on blue jean shirts, skirts and even purses as well.

 How to Bleach and Stencil a Denim Jacket Project

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It seems like every year there is a new product hitting the market in the arts & craft area. It seems this year it has to do with decorating fabrics and creating new designs on plain fabrics.

Imagine being able to revitalize an old blue jean denim jacket that you have stashed in the back of the closet. No telling how long it has been in there, but you are needing a jacket for the cool weather coming up.

This new product was designed especially for decorating a number of fabrics like denim. The product that this craft project is referring to is called Discharge Paste and it works by removing a certain amount of the pigment color from the fabric. So, by placing a stencil on the jacket or shirt and by applying the paste with a brush, the discharge paste when activated using a warm iron, the color will start to disappear before your eyes.

Benefits of reading and following the  How to Bleach and Stencil a Denim Jacket Project

● Use your imagination to turn an old denim jacket into a fun, new stylish jacket

● Project includes a complete list of everything you will need to get started

● It also includes a step by step instruction guide that is really easy to follow

Imagine what your mind can come up with and with a little work you can transfer it to an old denim or cotton jacket.

Click here to read about How to Bleach and Stencil a Denim Jacket Project:

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