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How to Get a Close Shave with an Axe

This step by step tutorial of how to get a close shave with an axe is a cheecky joke made to make you chuckle.

That’s right! If you’ve been shaving with a razor, then you’ve been doing it all wrong! Real men shave with axes. (Joke)

Do you have a sense of humor ? The truth is that many homesteading men ACTUALLY have used an axe to shave off a beard throughout history.

And, if you’re in to the new lumberjack look that is so popular now days, this is definitely a guide you’ll need to see. It gives step by step instructions on how to shave like a man, in other words, with an axe.

But ladies, don’t think you can escape this. Just because you’re not specified in this tutorial doesn’t mean you can’t be included. Shaving your legs with an axe is just as daring and macho as shaving a face. So, if you’re up for the challenge, you can definitely participate, too.

The best thing about shaving with an axe is that you can do it anywhere. Even if you’re on the go, as long as you have a mirror, shaving gel, an axe, and a couple of hours, you can shave.

To follow this tutorial, you’ll need the following tools:

– A Sharp Axe   (Buy Here)
– Shaving Mug  (Buy Here)
– Hair Brush
– Soap                (Buy Here)
– Leather Belt    (Buy Here)
– Small Mirror    (Buy Here)
– Clean Cloth

And of course, a steady hand. Mostly the steady hand.

If you aren’t completely sure if you’re a mans man, this tutorial offers the perfect test. With so much changing in the world, it can be hard to know how manly you truly are. What, after all, makes a man? If this is a question you’ve asked yourself, then the answer is: A man shaves with an axe.

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How to Get a Close Shave with an Axe

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Melissa Francis
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