RecipesHow to Make Homemade Hot Pockets Recipe

How to Make Homemade Hot Pockets Recipe

This simple tutorial of how to make homemade hot pockets is a delicious yet frugal meal that the whole family can enjoy.

This recipe is amazing because it allows you to make a bunch of hot pockets at once, so you can freeze them if you want to eat them later. It also makes hot pockets extremely easy to make, with only a few ingredients and a couple quick steps. If you want to make these for dinner, you could have them on the table in no time.

The best part about these hot pockets is that they’re fresh and you know exactly what’s going inside. There are no chemicals or unrecognizable meats. Everything comes from you. Oh, they also taste a hundred times better than the frozen versions.

For this recipe, you’ll need:

– Pizza Dough
– Pizza Sauce
– Toppings such as sliced or diced selection of meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Anyone who watches TV, especially those who grew up in the 90s, know that there’s just something about snack foods you can pop in the microwave or toaster and eat. From bagel bites to pop tarts, this generation was definitely at the forefront of unhealthy snack food. And, the most popular snack food of all times was the Hot Pocket.

It was so fun to eat, plus it came with a bunch of different fillings. Unfortunately, as you grow older, you begin to realize that all those fun foods weren’t at all healthy. That doesn’t keep the cravings at bay, though. So, if you’re craving a hot pocket, but you don’t want to eat the ones sold in stores, this recipe will teach you how to make your own healthier versions.

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How to Make Homemade Hot Pockets Recipe

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