HomesteadingHow to Stay Warm While Homesteading Outdoors

How to Stay Warm While Homesteading Outdoors

How to stay warm while homesteading outdoors is a must because the work does not stop just because of cold weather.

You need to have a good knowledge of the environment you live in and make some necessary preparations so as to be able to stay safely longer outside.

How to Stay Warm While Homesteading Outdoors

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If you love making trips, going out camping or hunting during the cold winter months but you’re afraid of doing so due to issues you might encounter, then there are certain things you need to know.

So, rather than been discouraged, here is what you need to do.

Get the right layers

As the first line of defense against the cold, you need to pack the proper clothing you need so as to be able to stay longer outside during the winter months. Depending on the intensity of the activity to you are planning for, you should be able to add or remove layers. Here are some of the layers you need

– For tops – a quality jacket, a mid-weight shirt, and a light-weight shirt.

– For bottoms – rain pants, mid-weight pants, and a light to mid-weight synthetics or merino bottoms.

– For head – a beanie or a hat and neck gaiters.

– For hands – a pair of liner gloves, insulated gloves or thick mittens.

– For feet – a pair of quality boots (insulated boots), medium weight socks (wool socks) and legging gaiters

Consider a nice quality shelter system

You need to put some thoughts into your sheltering options especially if you plan spending some days in the wilderness. As a safety measure, ensure to get a quality sleeping bag, 1 or 2 inflatable sleeping pads, a propane heater or a lightweight and collapsible wood burning stove, as well as a quality shelter system or high-tech tents.

Food and drink

In a bid to avoid spending extra energy, you need to regulate your metabolism and keep your body warmer with a good, warm meal or beverage. As a good rule of thumb, you need to have a water bottle or water bladder for storing water.

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