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How Vikings Used a Lucet to Make Cords that are Square and Strong

See how the Vikings used a Lucet to make cords that are square and strong. It is thought that they used the cords to attach items to their clothing and to hang this up with. You can use them for drawstring bags, Cord jewelry and loads of other uses.

How Vikings Used a Lucet to Make Cords that are Square and Strong

Using a knitting fork or also known as lucet isn’t hard, yet learning how to use it is a tricky one if you don’t know somebody who could show you in person. However, many people don’t have the option to learn how to use a lucet from experts and majority of the available illustrations online are confusing.

Lucet has been used for many years now. Archaeologists have uncovered some Viking lucets and there are various ways to make a lucet cord. If you don’t have much experience, you can start with the easiest ones.

Lucet cord may be used for almost everything including ties for petticoats and aprons, purse straps, and shoestrings. It may be made with multiple strands or multicolored yard for a great look. Basically, the only necessary materials to lucet include the Lucet fork and length of yarn. One may also use skewer-like sticks for pulling the yarn aside from this.

Lucets may also be purchased in shops as kits, which are made for kids.
There are numerous techniques used to make lucet. All of these produce different cords. It’s also possible to have a 2-colored cord with the use of 2 strands of yard. Lucet cord may also be used for draw strings, decorative edging, lacing, and any use where strong cords are needed.

Once your cord is long enough, pull it from lucet prongs. Then, cut the yard that goes to your skein or ball, yet leave enough to work with. You may also trim excess later. After that, pass the end through both the loops and tighten them.

It may be a bit tricky since you need to ease slack through loops. If you pull all at once, a loop will tighten yet the others won’t.
If you want to learn more about how to make a lucet cord, you can check out B MacSwain’s video tutorial.


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