DIY ProjectsBuild a Wood Pallet Homesteading Chicken Coop Run Project

Build a Wood Pallet Homesteading Chicken Coop Run Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a wood pallet homesteading chicken coop run project is a great way to create boundaries for chickens and use a free building resource to do it frugally.

Chickens are relatively easy homestead livestock animals to manage but nonetheless they need proper care and a place where they can roam around freely. Because of the fact that chickens tend to stray away and can literally destroy the entire garden it is advisable to build in a place for them that is big enough to keep them happy. A chicken run will allow you have an enclosed space for your chickens and keep them safe from cats and dogs. You will need to add additionally security measures to protect them from other more determined predators.

Start off with a basic idea of how much area would you like to enclose. This, obviously depends on how big your yard is and how many chickens you have. Once you have decided on the space then the process of building will start.

Build a Wood Pallet Homesteading Chicken Coop Run Project

To make it easier for readers the article includes an entire list of tools and material you would need and then a detailed list of instructions with picturesque representation to make things all the more clear. It is very economical to make and people should not worry if they are working on a very tight budget. So have a read the article and you’ll be surprised to see how quick and easy it is to make.

Materials needed:

Wood pallets – as many as you need to enclose the area
4′ x 4′ Wood Posts to ensure the sturdiness of the enclosure
Screws; 4″, 3-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ Primeguard Exterior Screws by Grip Rite

Tools needed:

Power drill
Measuring tape
Level and string, optional
Post hole digger

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Melissa Francis
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