Raising LivestockA Dozen Cool But Crazy Chicken Breeds

A Dozen Cool But Crazy Chicken Breeds

See pictures and video of a dozen cool but crazy chicken breeds. You will see teeny tiny chickens and bald chickens and long legged chickens. They are all very interesting. Some are raised for food and others are simply house pets.


For instance the one in the picture is a Serama and is super tiny and has both curly feathers and down feathers. They only get as big as a pigeon and are the worlds smallest breed of chicken. There is a video of one of these tiny rooster crowing. Theophanes has the round-up of a dozen breeds on Hub pages and some of the chickens are really neat looking.

Some have black skin, meat and even bones. Some lay very dark eggs. There is another video that shows how a large breed that is raised for meat but has problems cooling off was genetically modified to be featherless to allow them to cool off without their (coat) of feathers. This was interesting to me, to see all these crazy breeds that I never knew existed, some are so cool looking and I love the itty bitty ones.


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