Raising LivestockBecoming a Homesteading Chicken Mama

Becoming a Homesteading Chicken Mama

Here are some tips for becoming a homesteading chicken mama that raises a chicken flock with lots of love for chickens. Chickens raised on a homestead with a lot of attention – are just happier birds that produce more eggs.

When we are wanting to start our own small chicken farm, what better way to start than to raise our chickens from baby chicks? They’re so cute, so sweet, and so vulnerable. It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also a fun responsibility as you watch your baby chicks quickly grow into the chickens they’re meant to be.

Make the most of your little chicken farm by getting any little ones you have at home to help you take care of the baby chicks. It’s a great way for them to learn about new animals and how to care for them properly, gaining a level of responsibility of their own.

Becoming a Homesteading Chicken Mama

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Even as they are learning to take on new roles, your little ones will welcome the challenge since the baby chicks will awe and amaze them with baby chick antics.

To help your baby chicks thrive, there are a few items you’ll need to keep them safe, warm, fed, and happy. Let’s start with the someplace warm and safe, which can be achieved with a large tote equipped with a heat lamp that’s in a secured area. For bedding, something like pine chips or other bedding that won’t harm the baby chicks.

Every baby chick need plenty of food and water so you’ll need holders for both and the right feed for the baby chicks. When they get big enough, they’ll need a coop and a run to run around. Last but not least, they need what all babies want: love.

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