Raising LivestockIdentifying Chicken Predators

Identifying Chicken Predators

Learn about identifying chicken predators so that you will know what to do to safeguard your chickens, their coop and run area. There are many animals that will kill and eat chickens. Some are on land but they can be attacked from above as well. Hawks and owls will attack them.

Identifying Chicken Predators

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Then on land there are many animals to protect your flock from. You need to protect them from even the family pets sometimes if your dogs seem inclined to attack the chickens. Then there are wild animals, you have raccoon, coyote, bob cat, mink, bear, fox and opossum. Even house cats will kill young chicks. Another couple to look out for are weasels , snakes and rats. Knowing what animals are around your area will help you to know what kind of safeguards you may need to implement. In this article from Our One Acre Farm you will see what the prints and scat look like for each of the animals and you will learn a little of their habits such as do they go after the chickens at night or in daylight.

Once you know the animals you have to deal with you will know if you need wire across they chicken run to keep out predatory birds and do you need wire under the coop and run to prevent animals that dig. The fist step is to know what animals are in your area and these pictures of their foot prints will help you with that.


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