HomesteadingHow to Have Soft Spreadable Butter With A Butter Bell Crock

How to Have Soft Spreadable Butter With A Butter Bell Crock

If  like me you have sworn to never buy margarine again and now you use real butter at your house, you know how hard it can be to spread when its cold. If you like your butter to be a little more spreadable you can use a Butter Bell Crock. It’s an interesting kitchen tool that is a must have for butter lovers.

How to Have Soft, Spreadable Butter With A Butter Bell Crock

You store the butter in it and then the butter sits down in the crock that has water in it. which keeps air off the butter and so it doesn’t spoil. This way you can use real butter and spread it easily while keeping it out of the fridge yet safe from the air. So nice to be able to butter your toast and not tear it up with cold butter but also to have the butter start off soft enough to melt into the toast rather than sit on top half melted.

Most butter bells hold 1 stick of butter. I keep my sticks of butter in the freezer so they don’t go rancid or pick up odors from the refrigerator. I find that my butter softens super fast for putting into the bell if I take it frozen from the freezer and then grate it into a bowl. The grated butter softens really fast so I can go ahead and add the butter to my bell. Another tip is that you should change the water in your butter bell every two to three days. The butter will keep for up to a month if you change the water as you should.

 Video shows how to use a butter bell.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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