Homemade All Natural mosquito and Bug Spray


My family used this all last summer and it really works. It also smells really good. Super easy to make. Mix the ingredients and pour some into a spray bottle. I usually make three times the recipe and keep the extra in a sealed mason jar, this gets us through the summer so I only have to make it once.

Homemade All Natural mosquito and Bug Spray

With all the news about the Zika virus which is spread by mosquitos we want to try our best to not be bitten. This  spray worked well for my family so I will be making a new batch for this year. I would rather have something that is made from plants rather than chemicals as long as it works. You do need the oils to make the spray and you use a small amount so they will last you for a few years worth of making the spray.

To Make this you will need the following essential oils.

Lemongrass Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Citronella Oil

Grab the recipe from Remodelaholic.

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