RecipesLasagna Roll Ups Filled With Butternut Squash Recipe

Lasagna Roll Ups Filled With Butternut Squash Recipe

This lasagna roll ups filled with butternut squash recipe is another great recipe to make using the roll up method. We have shared a wide variety of lasagna roll ups on this page and it seems like lots of folks like them so we are always on the look out for different recipes.

Lasagna Roll Ups Filled With Butternut Squash Recipe

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This one is really nice for winter because it uses butternut squash which a lot of gardeners have grown over the summer and not have them stored for eating over the winter. They are also widely available in grocery stores right now. The butternut is roasted and then mashed and mixed together with spinach and three different cheeses along with garlic and lemon to make a delicious filling. The recipe calls for some stock and chicken is suggested but you could use vegetable stock and the dish would be vegetarian, which I am sure will make vegetarians happy because this one shared by Proud Italian Cook is delicious.

If you are looking for other lasagna roll up or want to maybe make and assortment for a party or family get together you could make these and then make some of each of the following. 2 Lasagna Roll-Ups Recipes One with Chicken – One is Vegetarian,  Caprese Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe, Buffalo Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe and Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe – Budget Minded Meal. Most of these can be made ahead of time and frozen until needed which make it easy to plan ahead and have a really nice assortment of vegetarian and non vegetarian if you will have both for dinner. All you need is to grab your lasagna pan and make one batch at a time.


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