GardeningList of Garden Plants And Their Companions

List of Garden Plants And Their Companions

     If you want to plant your garden so that all the plants have companions that actually help them to be their very best check out this nice list of garden plants and their companions so that you can learn what to plant with what and provide nice companions to all you garden plants. Life At Cobble Hill Farm shares a long list of which plants should be planted with what plants are friendly to them.

          The list tells which plant each likes and which each plant dislikes. If you are going to spend the time planting weeding and watering a garden you may as well take the time to learn which plants will thrive with which companions. Other wise your beans, corn and tomatoes may not have very big yields and I think we want as much harvest as possible for our efforts. Check out the list of garden plant companions and happy gardening.

This list covers everything from asparagus to watermelon.



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