Bug Out BagMaking Homemade One Pack Backpacking Meals and Snacks

Making Homemade One Pack Backpacking Meals and Snacks

This quick tutorial on making homemade one pack backpacking meals and snacks is excellent for simple meals for hiking, camping, your 72-hour kit, bug out bag and emergency kit for your vehicle.


Making Homemade One Pack Backpacking Meals and Snacks
Making Homemade One Pack Backpacking Meals and Snacks

Many more people are looking to the great outdoors for better health and relaxation these days. Whether you are interested in day hiking at a local wildlife area or spending a long weekend communing with nature, you will need food to sustain you.

While many stores offer up a lot of premade meals and snacks that can be easily carried in a backpack, they are normally pretty expensive and limited on selection. This where a little preparation and a bit of work in the kitchen can give you much better meal options and save you a bit of money at the same time.

Home Vacuum Packing Meals

People have been using vacuum sealing for decades and for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons is to save money and another reason is convenience. By using vacuum sealing, you cook multiple meals, seal in the freshness, take out, heat and serve. One other thing is that you can buy meat in bulk and portion it out, vacuum seal and pack it in the freezer.

Healthy snacking these days is important to parents and making your own healthy snacks can be easy. Dehydrating fresh fruits, veggies and meats make really good snacks. The vacuum packaging machine can turn the dried snacks into easy to pack/carry snack packs.

Vacuum sealing works with both pre-cooked or pre-packaged foods as well as those that require hot water to cook them, such as noodle soup and mac and cheese.

Necessary Kitchen Equipment

Vacuum sealing machines have been around for decades and today there are many brands and models available. Vacuum seal type machines offer the basic functionality of removing all the air from the bag sealing in all the freshness and prevent the spoilage of the food during storage. The higher end machines add extra features and other functionalities that tend to add a premium to the price. So when it comes to choosing which is the best one for you, pay close attention to all of the features on the package.

The same can be said about food dehydrators, these machines make it easy to create your own healthy, good tasting snacks in your home. From the low-end, simply dehydrator to the high-end, feature packed dehydrators, they all pretty much function in the same way. They remove all of the liquids from the meat, veggies and fruits.

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Melissa Francis
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