DairyMozzarella Cheese Made From A Gallon of Milk Recipe

Mozzarella Cheese Made From A Gallon of Milk Recipe

This mozzarella cheese made from a gallon of milk recipe is quick, easy, thrifty ….. and just plain delicious. Stock a few key ingredients in your kitchen cupboard and you can make Mozzarella cheese on a whim anytime.

Mozzarella Cheese Made From A Gallon of Milk Recipe

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citric acid powder

vegetable rennet

whole milk

cheese salt

Not a better taste in the world, than good homemade mozzarella cheese; moist and tender. And with its somewhat elegant, and not overly prepped ingredients; unlike the stuffy molds of vacuums produced commercially and sold at grocery shops (pay no mind, sometimes the foodie in me takes over).

I get really excited about cheese; most especially mozzarella. I remember the first day I ever had home-made mozzarella cheese as a kid, with my mum just returning shortly from a trip to Little Italy. I knew she was up to some great magical food fusion of some sort, so I happily watched her every move as she worked, performing her magic and in no time we had a delicious homemade mozzarella cheese on display.

That was one memorable experience for me, as my love affair with cheese started to take root. It felt like travelling and I was transported in astonishment to a new world of cheese, toppings and wine tastings. I dreamt of cheese for a long time, a world where mozzarella would be the only meal I had to have every supper.

As I grew older, I started to wonder about the science behind the cheese. It was a mystery to me, (cheese was nothing but milk) how did it become so delicious? It was years later before I discovered the secrets to this mysterious Italian dish and I would like to share some of this amazing secrets with you.

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