Raising LivestockNigerian Goats For Dairy In Small Spaces

Nigerian Goats For Dairy In Small Spaces

If you would like to raise your own fresh milk and don’t have room for a cow, you can try raising Nigerian goats for dairy in small spaces. The Nigerian dwarf goat only gets to be about 23 inches tall and each goat needs about 30 square feet.

Nigerian Goats For Dairy In Small Spaces

The only thing about raising goats in small spaces is that you would need to pick their space and then allow them to eat all of the grass off of it and after that feed them hay. The reason is that the parasites that goats can get they get from the grass, so if you buy a new goats and it has parasites and goes to the bathroom and then grass grows there and they eat it or another goat eats it they will get the parasites. Aside from needing to feed them hay they produce a decent amount of milk for such small goats.

They can produce up to 2 liters of milk per day. If you want to have fresh milk all year round you will need to breed a doe every six months as they only produce milk after they have a baby. So breeding every six months will allow you to milk one and as her milk comes to an end the doe you bred six months later should be starting. My Healthy Green Family shares a lot of info on Nigerian goats and why they are great for folks without a lot of space.

They also have a video of a goat giving birth and one of two, two week old kids jumping around. The kids are so cute. So if you have been wanting to provide your own milk for your family the Nigerian Goats may be just what you are looking for.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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