KnittingOld Fashioned Knitted Socks Free Pattern Project

Old Fashioned Knitted Socks Free Pattern Project

These Old Fashioned Knitted Delicate Socks Free Pattern Project is clearly shown how to create in these step by step instructions.

Old Fashioned Knitted Socks Free Pattern Project -Homesteading - Crafts

These simple instructions turn into something more delicate lace wearable sock that are pure beautiful craftsmanship. These socks are truly a work of art for your feet.

Is not a sock just a sweater for the feet and calves, lol. It can be interweaved perfectly to make a cold weather sock or something just a little prettier. This can be knitted as a medium or large pair with a foot and cuff perimeter of 8 inches each, plus a leg and foot measurement of 9 inches each.

Get Regina silk yarn; needle size varies as either using 2 mm duel-pointed needles, 2 mm circledmagic looped needles, or – for the cuff –a 1 3/4 mm duel-pointed needle.

For the yarn wrapping-sew over move, have the yarn at front, stitch purled, andstick in the first needle into the yarn-over the previous row made, back to front, and tighten to stitch. Take the second needle, stick through the ss (slipped stitch), and lace it over the stitch. With the purled, yarn-over stitch, repeat but starting at the back. When creating a pair via yarn-over,start at front,stick the needle in the stitch such as a knit, and get the yarn back through the needle and make the stitch. When working from the back, it will result in a coupling.

Make each row repeatedly to create the design along the sock. It results is a designed, warming, held sock that won’t loosen immediately.

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Melissa Francis
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