DIY ProjectsPallet Fence Ideas Worth Trying Out 

Pallet Fence Ideas Worth Trying Out 

 pallet fences ideas

If you don’t want your fencing to cost you an arm and a leg, choosing to use pallet fences is the best decision. This is because you can find wood pallets everywhere and don’t have to cost you anything.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the most common three pallet fence ideas you can implement in your home, but before that, let’s look at the pros and cons of going with pallet fences instead of aluminium or any other fence types.

Pros of Pallet Fences

Cost: Unlike other types of hedges, pallet fences are readily available and, in most cases, won’t cost you anything.

Convenience: Pallet fences are pre-built into a robust rectangle or square shapes, which means that they’ll only need little to no customization. Additionally, wood pallets are readily available.

Durability: Wood pallets are sturdy enough to accommodate heavy weight, so you won’t have to renovate from time to time.

Cons of Pallet Fences

Aesthetics: While some people will appreciate the appearance of pallet hedges, others will view them as too odd. The good news is that you can customize your pallet fence by adding some paint to give it a better look.

Size: If you have a specific fence height in mind, pallet hedges may not be the best option, unless you consider stacking them. Likewise, if your top priority is privacy, you might find pallet fences just too short of offering you the tight security you need.

Pallet Fence Ideas

1. Chicken Yard

One of the best pallet fence ideas you can try out is building a chicken run using pallets. Depending on your preferences, you can create a chicken run with a perfect size that will allow your chickens to roam. In most cases, posts of 4 by 4 to support the pallets are a good idea.

You’ll need a higher fence because some of your chicken can fly over the fence if it’s too short. Therefore, it would help if you covered the top of your chicken run using nets or wires.

2. Compost Bin 

If you want the simplest way to create a barrier around your compost pile, pallets will be your perfect match. The advantage of using pallets to create a bar around your compost pile is that you can prevent both kids and your pets from accessing the area.

3. Garden Fence

Sometimes keeping away stubborn animals and pets from your kitchen garden can be a hassle, especially when plants have started to germinate. So you’d be looking for options on how to fence your small garden and ensure your plants grow steadily.

With just ten pallets, you can create a simple layout that will help you keep away critters from your garden. If you like, you can do a little bit of customization and include a gate that will allow you to access your garden from time to time.



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